Icon Web Design Adelaide…
we build websites that build businesses

Icon Web Design Adelaide… we build websites that build businesses

You’ve searched for web design Adelaide but we’ll go out on a limb and say it’s not because you want a website.

We think you’re here because you want to build your business and a website is a crucial tool for that job. Well, it just happens that we love building websites and we know how to make the process easy and effective for you.

Yes, we just said easy and effective.

If you’ve ever been involved in a web design project, you’ll know that’s a bold claim. But we can deliver on that promise because we’ve been around the block a few times (we know what we’re doing) and we “give a shit” (we actually want you to love the experience and the outcome).

Easy web design

The hardest part of getting a website built is not finding a designer, it’s getting all the elements together – a plan, wording, images, video, interactive elements, etc – some time before Christmas.

When we look back over the many, many projects we’ve run and been involved in, we’ve noticed a pattern. Many chose us to work with because, unlike other web developers, we do not burden you with a whole lot of tasks. And isn’t that how it should be? After all, you’re paying for a website to be built for you, not by you.

Therefore, with Icon Web Design, we make it clear that we take care of everything. Yes, everything!

That means you won’t have to worry about getting your website hosting, registering your domain name, setting up emails, coming up with the words, organising photography, etc.

We do that. You can breathe out now!

Here’s how we work: We keep it simple

We’ve worked really, really hard to make this project as easy as possible for you.

Let’s talk

Generally all it takes is a 15 min. conversation with you to work out exactly what you want and what your business needs. Then, keep an eye on your inbox – because your proposal will be arriving soon.

Let’s do it

Now it’s time to get the ball rolling. We’ll organise all the techy stuff like web address and web hosting etc., because that’s what we’re good at, and it saves you time and effort.

Let’s get creative

Websites need great words… and awesome pics! A 30 min. chat with our copywriter should do the trick. And we’ll organise photography, stock images or we can use your professional photos.

Let’s build it

We’ll get stuck into building your first page. You’ll be able to check this out (online) when it’s done. Then, we’ll ask for your feedback before we complete your new masterpiece.

Blast off!

Once the remaining pages have been built, the tweaks and tests are done then it’s time to launch your brand new website.


Why choose us?

Effective web design that gets you business

We’ve watched the trends come and go over the past 30 years but one thing has never changed.

Your website should only be considered a success if it inspires your visitors to take action – to save something, buy something, share something, or ask a question. You want it to be “pretty”, we get that, but the prettiest website will only be valuable to you if it’s more Netflix and less Blockbuster Video!


Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image of Anne Andrey from Days Eggs.

Anne – Days Eggs

Thanks, Tina and Paul for your fantastic customer service and capturing the essence of our back story and designing it with a stylish class.

We love it!

You’ve been so accessible and patient, always accommodating my multiple emails at all hours and have really enjoyed working with you on the entire project.

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image of Mike from Mike's Beef Jerky.

Mike – Mike’s Beef Jerky

Tina and Paul have provided an amazing service for our start-up business, Mike’s Beef Jerky.

Icon has been our one-stop-shop from packaging design and liaising with manufacturers, websites, labels, business cards, POS displays, barcoding guidance and social media guidance – you name it!!

Their vast knowledge and assistance across all facets of business went well beyond our expectations and we can’t thank them enough!!

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image of Matt Dyson from EcoSurge Electrical.

Matt – EcoSurge

Paul and Tina have done an amazing job with my new website.

Admittedly I would say I’m not the best when it comes to websites or the internet, so I needed someone I could trust to do a great job and
that’s exactly what they did.

I’ll definitely be back for the rest of my company’s needs.

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image Jason Hutchinson from Fence Post to Site.

Jason – Fence Posts to Site

From the moment I first spoke with Paul and Tina, I knew they were the right people to make my fence post website awesome.

The brief I gave them was to build an easy to shop on, clean and professional site. They delivered in spades.

The feedback for the site is amazing. Paul and Tina were really invested in what they did for my new site.

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image of the True Blue Dips web homepage displayed on a laptop.

So, who is Icon Web Design?

You’ll be working with Tina and Paul and their close group of trusted contributors who are all local and accountable.

If you’ve ever been lured by the promise of cheap web design by many overseas firms, you’ll know that the risks are enormous and the costs are never as low as promised.


“Everybody’s a web designer until, you know, they actually try to do it”.