How to test your website speed

So you've had a website developed… have you ever wondered how quick or slow your pages load? Well, here is a tutorial on how to test your website speed. We will show you how to test your web pages on two popular platforms. A slow website will not only effect how search engines rank [...]

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How to add a photo to WooCommerce

This tutorial is all about how to add a photo to WooCommerce in your WordPress website. We anticipate that you have at least one exisiting product in your WooCommerce online shop. The most complex part of adding an image to your WooCommerce shop can be getting the size (dimensions of the photo) [...]

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How to clear WP-Rocket cache in WordPress

Does something appear not quite right with your website? Perhaps there are images not displaying or a font doesn't look right? It might just be a quick and easy fix! The first thing you should try is to clear WP-Rocket cache. We have step by step instructions in the above video or detailed text [...]

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