Do you remember paying $8,000+ for a desktop computer? Tina & Paul from Icon Web Design do.

It was their first computer, bought back in 1991, when they were cutting their teeth in the design game.

In today’s dollars, that’s equivalent to about $55,000 (oh, and did we mention that was in the midst of a recession – whatever doesn’t kill your business, makes it stronger, right?).

The computer in question was an Apple MacIntosh IIci, the absolute Rolls Royce of the day. It came without a monitor (you had to pay extra for that), and under the hood it boasted a “whopping” 8MB of RAM.

Icon Web Design Adelaide About page image of a stack of 10 old floppy disks

Compare that to today when a good digital photo is about 8MB in size, before Tina and Paul optimise it to make the file smaller and faster for your website.

They’ve come a long way, weathered many storms, trend changes, and recessions, and you benefit from this because it’s forged them into designers who are very down-to-earth.

This means they’ll listen to what you want, give you some fresh ideas to consider, but won’t get precious. Ever.

The evolution of Icon Web Design


Tina and Paul launch their design business Appset at their home in Holden Hill. They become one of Australia’s first design teams to use the new Macintosh computer.


Black and white laser printer was purchased, along with an A4 black and white flatbed scanner. Modern equipment, back in the day.


The business outgrows the family home and moves to Prospect, just north of the Adelaide CBD. A reputation becomes forged as experts in producing publications like magazines and newsletters.


Increased enquiries for label design work, leads the team to develop a speciality in label and packaging design.


Company grows again and moves to a new site in Glynde, next to a major printing firm, as their reputation for label and packaging design continues to grow.


Ongoing work with expert printers boosts Appset’s knowledge base, firming its position as a leading design firm in label and package design, giving them a strong point of difference to many other graphic designers.


Client demand for web development, which had been growing for many years, reaches fever pitch. Tina and Paul decide to undertake a complete re-brand of the business, which included moving to the current location at Mawson Lakes, as Icon Web Design. A host of new services are introduced, including comprehensive graphic design and website design services, supporting clients all over Australia.


Icon Web Design launches a brand new website, to showcase its web development work, which you’re reading right now.

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Have you seen it when a website has…?


The short answer is yes. There’s not much Paul and Tina from Icon Web Design haven’t seen or designed since the 90s.

One of the extra benefits of choosing to work with them is that they have depth when it comes to web design, drawn from their work in print layout, label design, and logo development.

The experience from each of these fields helps Icon Web Design’s work look sharp.

Their print experience means they understand good layouts with excellent readability (we’ve all been on websites that are frustratingly hard to read).

Their label design means that any banners, buttons, or feature items on your website will attractively stand out and grab a visitors attention (just like labels do as they try to get picked up off the shelf).

And their experience with logo development is just the icing on the cake. Whether you need a new logo or a refreshed logo, Tina and Paul will be able to help you. They can even craft icons for you – after all, it’s in their name!

Website development from concept to execution


One of the biggest reasons for choosing Icon Web Design as your web developer is because they can see your project through from concept to execution.

From initial discussions to understand what you need your website to do for your business, through to sourcing, developing, and structuring the content and layout, Tina, Paul, and their team will all be working in harmony, with you in control.

As you’ll soon discover, everybody on the team Icon Web Design understands that we can only thrive if you’re happy with your website; that it looks magnificent and, most importantly, it helps you achieve your business goals.

That’s why our DNA is encoded to value outstanding, personalised service, so that we can produce the quality work you expect.

Contact Icon Web Design today and we’ll guarantee that Paul will happily pause his productivity music (think Muse, T Party, or Ben Harper) or Tina will peacefully emerge from her creative bubble to chat with you.

Did we mention you deal with the principals at Icon Web Design? Yes, that’s right.

No Chinese whispers and no diluting of your task amid hipster designers who sip trendy beverages in between games of table tennis and vaping breaks.

Our core values

We listen to our clients to understand their business, their needs and their ideas. No one knows your business better than you do and we respect that. We’re not precious!
Honesty is the best policy. Creating relationships that are open, honest and personable. You’ll be liaising with the people who will be working on your project – there’s no Chinese whispers here.
We want you to stand out… and for all the right reasons! We’ll think outside the square, push our creative boundaries and strive for uniquness.
With a combined 60+ years of industry experience, we love what we do! We are optimistic, encouraging, knowledgeable and helpful in making our customers visions come to life.

We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, based on trust and understanding.

We won’t let you down and never make promises we can’t keep. Good service can be virtually impossible to find and we believe reliability is one of the keys to this.

Let’s work as a team… because one thing we have in common with our customers is that we both want to see their business succeed.

Meet the owners

You might be thinking that Tina and Paul spend every day standing at their designer desks. They don’t.

They bring their whole selves to your project, but what feeds that breadth of influence and insight is their recreational activities that keep them feeling great.

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Arial image of the business owner Paul Danher-Hart standing with his hands in his pockets.

Paul Danher-Hart

Paul, for example, has that eternally young sense of curiosity and creativity, which you’d expect from someone born in the birthplace of The Beatles.

Just like the Fab Four, Paul has an almost uncanny knack to create hit after hit when it comes to website design.

He says that some of his insight comes from bouncing ideas of his colleague and wife, Tina, but many of the others come from his 100km+ bike rides. Yep, he says they recharge him. We’re just glad there’s a shower in the office! [Tina wrote that bit].

Ironically, just as The Beatles embraced contradictions in the hit, Hello Goodbye, Paul’s personality and skillset seems to do the same.

In his work with photography, colour, and photo manipulation, he is at once free and creative, but at the same time his Sagittarius roots have him applying incredible perfectionism to his craft.


Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image of Anne Andrey from Days Eggs.

Anne – Days Eggs

Thanks, Tina and Paul for your fantastic customer service and capturing the essence of our back story and designing it with a stylish class.

We love it!

You’ve been so accessible and patient, always accommodating my multiple emails at all hours and have really enjoyed working with you on the entire project.

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image of Mike from Mike's Beef Jerky.

Mike – Mike’s Beef Jerky

Tina and Paul have provided an amazing service for our start-up business, Mike’s Beef Jerky.

Icon has been our one-stop-shop from packaging design and liaising with manufacturers, websites, labels, business cards, POS displays, barcoding guidance and social media guidance – you name it!!

Their vast knowledge and assistance across all facets of business went well beyond our expectations and we can’t thank them enough!!

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image of Matt Dyson from EcoSurge Electrical.

Matt – EcoSurge

Paul and Tina have done an amazing job with my new website.

Admittedly I would say I’m not the best when it comes to websites or the internet, so I needed someone I could trust to do a great job and
that’s exactly what they did.

I’ll definitely be back for the rest of my company’s needs.

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Image Jason Hutchinson from Fence Post to Site.

Jason – Fence Posts to Site

From the moment I first spoke with Paul and Tina, I knew they were the right people to make my fence post website awesome.

The brief I gave them was to build an easy to shop on, clean and professional site. They delivered in spades.

The feedback for the site is amazing. Paul and Tina were really invested in what they did for my new site.

Tina Danher-Hart

While we’re talking zodiacs, Tina is proudly a Piscean, and she loves making a splash with her creative drive in every project.

Born in Sydney, Tina has a worldview that is international in scale (yes, that’s a fish reference – Paul wrote this) and you’ll see that in the fresh ideas she’ll bring to your web design project.

She also loves moving and dancing with other women at the bold, sassy dance classes run by Choo La La.

According to Tina, dance is a three-dimensional form of design. She says that despite having worked in the design field since school, her time with Choo La La has deepened her appreciation for the choreography that she’s been bring to design projects for many years.

Tina loves nothing more than working behind the scenes to bring the various elements of web design together at the right time; logos, wording, images, site structure, functionality, and calls to action.

And when Tina’s not dancing up or cooking up a storm at work, you’ll find her creating a masterpieces for a dinner party or supporting fellow business people as a committee member of the Salisbury Women In Business networking group.

Icon Web Design Adelaide. Arial image of the business owner Tina Danher-Hart standing with her arms crossed.