There is good reason why you should avoid having a video on your website, even if it is hosted on YouTube. 

So we built a website for one of our customers. During the development phase, we had a meeting with the client to show her the new website for the first time. She was very happy with the website but then explained that she had a video she’d like us to include on the home page, instead of the image slider that we had created. We explained that it’s not a good idea as it would slow down the website and that would have a big impact on the website’s ranking with Google. That’s not to say that having YouTube videos on you website is a bad idea. In fact, they are helpful with Google ranking but they don’t add to the appeal of your website.

The client insisted, so we went on to explain that even if we were able to compress the video without losing quality it would still be too large. Furthermore, we were hired for our expertise to produce a website that looks beautiful and would be fast on the internet. Fortunately, she relented and listened to reason.

Once we completed the website we tested it using the GTMetrix platform and got a great result – the home page loaded in 1.8 seconds and got a score of B (86%) (see screenshot above). The website was uploaded to the internet, however, much to our disappointment, soon after this the client had the image slider on the home page replaced with a video! As web developers there is only so much you can do to help and advise customers.

The same website with an image slider got a page speed load time of 1.8 seconds and a score of B (86%), having the slider replaced with a video got a speed result of 36.6 seconds and a score of F (17%). A good reason why you should avoid having a video on your website.

We tested the site after the video had been added to the site (not by Icon Web Design Adelaide), once again using GTMatrix and got a page load speed of 36.6 seconds and got a score of F (17%). This is such a disappointing result as we strive to give customers great results. I guess at the end of the day, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

There are a couple of ways to add a video to your website and the first is to upload the video to the websites media library in the back end. The other is to host the video on a video channel like YouTube or Vimeo. The problem with option one is that videos tend to be very large and slow the site down and the problem with option two is that they look really bad, typically with YouTub, once the video has ended you end up with an ugly display of other peoples videos (sometimes extremely inappropriate) to watch. Not that long ago you had the option to turn off the feature of other peoples videos showing up once the video is finished, but this is no longer an option.

So to sum up, you may want to avoid having a video on your website. There are other alternatives worth considering.