If you are thinking about starting a new business, or know someone who is, you might find this article interesting and worth a read because it explains the importance of getting your business name right!

Now that the internet has changed the world, getting your business name right can play a huge role in determining how easily you can be found online. Car Service Salisbury is a great example as their business name is actually an obvious ‘keyword(s)’ that someone may use who is searching for a company to service their vehicle in that suburb.

Bonus… Car Service Salisbury can happily use this term throughout their site without being accused of keyword stuffing by Google. (Keyword stuffing is a term used for overuse of a keyword) So taking this example into consideration when naming your business could be a good move – but you can’t always name your business as Car Service Salisbury has, so if you include what you do in the name of your business it makes it easier to use effective keywords throughout your website.

We included ‘what we do’ in the name of our business, Icon ‘Graphic Design’, because typically if someone is looking for a graphic designer in Adelaide using Google they would type ‘graphic design Adelaide’ and as a result, it really helps with search results.

Also, spell names correctly, for example, if the business is called Tim’s Crash Repairs, don’t spell it Tim’z Crash Repairs because the odds are a potential new customer will typically type Tim’s Crash Repairs and may have trouble finding you and move on to someone else.

Most people that are starting a small business have registered their business name before they come to us. Katie and Jess came to us when they were starting a small business. Fortunately, they hadn’t registered a business name yet. We talked at great length in regard to naming their new business and presented a few suggestions to them. The business names we suggested also had the matching domain name available.

Drool Pet Co. was born! Currently selling raw dog food online and also providing pet sitting and dog walking services, they didn’t want to limit themselves by including any particular service they currently provided in the new name. This name also gives them room to expand into additional pet services and products. So it’s not always possible or advisable to include ‘what you do’ in the business name but it can be helpful if it works.

The next step is (typically) logo design. There are a lot of considerations with logo design, largely due to the various social media sites that are available today. Consider when you add your logo to Facebook, for example, a logo that is too wide may not be legible in that tiny square they provide for your image (profile pic).

The logo we created for Drool Pet Co. has flexibility and can be used complete or we can use the French Bulldog’s head on its own as you can see on their Facebook page. The logo is used in its entirety in the ‘cover pic’ at the top of the Facebook page, along with the image used on their website home page.

The next project we did for Drool Pet Co. was their website. It is said that “a new business isn’t open until their website has been launched” and “if your business doesn’t have a website it doesn’t exist”.

With the Yellow Pages book now virtually obsolete a website is of paramount importance. Many people are now using their smartphones to search for a business, so if you don’t have a website they won’t find you.

Websites must be responsive for tablets and mobile phones or Google will now overlook your site completely. Also, the loading speed of a website is an important factor, it needs to be easy to navigate, have a pleasant environment and must have relevant content.

So if you want to get your business name right, get in touch so we can give you some guidance.