How to get your business online

With Covid-19 changing the face of business across the world, it’s time to get your business online, there are many companies large and small wondering how to continue on, or gather momentum, in this unprecedented climate.
Hospitality companies have adapted to the current business pivot by offering drive through, and take away and pick up services; other businesses have moved their shopfront largely online to continue trading.
With everyone working from home and unable to patronise brick and mortar companies, brands who can go online are doing that. But how do you put your business up on a screen to keep it running? Here are some tips to move online during this unpredictable and unprecedented time.

1. Make sure your shopfront is ready and active

If you have a physical shopfront, but you’re not online, it’s time to get your business online. This is where your customers will be headed to make sure you’re still available and operating, and it’s where new clients will land once your new website is set up with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and you’re ranking on Google. There are plenty of platforms to help you build a website but if you’re local, it’s best to go with an Adelaide website designer who knows the culture and landscape of South Australia and your business. A web designer will also be able to hook you up with a great copywriter to make sure all the right keywords and content is there to bump you up the Google pages. Whereas once upon a time a street facing shop front was the key to foot traffic, now a great website with excellent design and SEO will attract business.

2. Keep your messaging strategy strong and consistent

Current and potential clients want to know you are still the brand they recognise and trust, which is why it’s important to keep your messaging solid. Reach out to your client list via email or social media and let them know you are thinking of them in this difficult time; tell them what your plans are to continue serving their needs. It’s important to keep your messaging consistent with how you’ve always communicated with them, but try not to be too salesy. Customers will reject the hard sell right now and this might lose their trust. Tell them you need their support and let them know that you intend to continue keeping up the great work you always have, only remotely.

With everyone working from home and unable to patronise brick and mortar companies, brands who can go online are doing that.

3. Get up on every platform

Be seen and heard by regularly updating your website with blogs, get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Tik Tok if you’ve got the moves. Just make sure you’re visible. Branding is important, so you are recognised and trusted. Tell your story on your social media platforms; tell people what you’re up to. If you’re doing something innovative to keep your business running, tag local media so they can showcase what you’re up to.

4. Make sure you can supply to the demand

Once you get your business online, you’ll need to be able to cope with the demand once you’re up and running. If you have a product, you’ll need to have a strategy for distribution that is in line with current rules and regulations for Covid-19. If you are a service provider, you can offer online consultations through a range of streaming and telecommunications services. Consider talking to your Adelaide website designer about having a shopping cart and checkout system put on your site for easy, no fuss transactions. The easier the user experience, the more sales you will make, which will keep you going until business gets back to normal.

5. Ask for help

You’re not alone. One of the most wonderful things about this unusual time is that so many people are reaching out to help one another. Whether it’s promoting your business, helping you deliver, donating to your cause, or offering technical help, there is always someone willing to lend a hand. Don’t be too proud to ask, because there are many businesses in the same boat that can share the load. The Adelaide business community is tight knit and people are happy to assist when you need them.

If you have a physical shopfront, but you’re not online, it’s time to get your business online.

6. Stay safe

Most importantly, look after your health – both your physical and mental wellbeing. Nothing is worth risking your health for, so only continue to operate your business if it can keep you and those close to you safe and well. Stay across the latest Covid-19 news and updates and work within the guidelines.
If you need any help to get your business online, speak with Adelaide website designers Icon Web Design who offer packages for businesses to keep them moving. Get in touch today for a chat or some advice on how to build your online shopfront